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Of course : OPT is the most advanced HAIR REMOVAL
technology in 2014- Results are as perfect as with 808NM
diode laser.

So we have added the BQS RF function of the last generation,
to add some more functions to our OPT Tone.
And such nice design : give you the advanced unit you
need in your Range to prepare the : 2014 - 2015 campaign.
● System Benefits
○ Using the latest technology OPT perfect pulse, really make
the whole energy emitted pulse output steady uniform, which
IPL technology is a new breakthrough.
Is as perfect the Laser 808nm diode laser itself.
○ BQS manufactured Xenon, made thanks to imported Germany
machines ensure 180,000 times without the need to replace
the light, effectively reducing maintenance costs;
○ RF head with freezing alone, while achieving a very odd and
even functions to meet a variety of clinical treatment of head
and maximize operational needs of doctors;
○ low energy pulsed light =IPL, contact skin cooling to ensure
maximum safety and comfort of the customer.
○ spot treating a large area, high efficiency, high speed, a significant
effect, truly meet the modern pursuit of health;
○ unique double-loop water cooling system and automatic monitoring
system to ensure that the instrument more stable and more secure.
Technical parameters:
High frequency power: 24.5MHZ
Energy density: 10 ~ 50J/cm2
Spectral range: 480nm-1200nm; 530nm-1200nm; 640nm-1200nm
Spot size: 12 × 30mm (larger : please consult us !)
Input Power: AC 100--125V ± 10% 50Hz
AC 220--240V ± 10% 60Hz
Total power consumption: 1500W
Cooling system: two-cycle cooling system, air-cooled,
semiconductor refrigeration,
Dimensions: 680 × 440 × 1095mm (L × W × H)
Weight: 45 kg
◇ Range of treatment:
◆ freckle: effectively get rid of freckles, melasma, age spots,
sun spots and other pigmentation;
◆ Hair Removal: get rid of the lip, extra limbs and other body hair;
◆ Rejuvenation: whitening remove yellow, shrink pores,
remove blackheads, wrinkles;
◆ remove red blood: red blood, red face, redness
and sensitive skin redness, rosacea;
◆ firming wrinkle: get rid of true and false wrinkles, firming skin;
◆ Other: acne, folliculitis, stretch marks and so on.
◇ Treatment principle :
Instrument with perfect skin pulsed light technology OPT system,
it has an optical medical skin care professional
intense pulsed light technology, focused on skin cooling technology,
intense pulsed light therapy, and RF technology as one of the intelligent,
noninvasive ,
no side effects of non-invasive physical beauty treatment systems.
It is a good shallow remove skin pigmentation (such as freckles,
age spots, solar sunspots, melasma spots, etc.),
the biggest advantage is he has a good shrink pores,
improve skin tightening treatment of skin laxity and wrinkles
caused by aging and other issues.
If the photon IPL technology used in the past used for intense
pulsed light (IPL), then the OPT system beauty instrument is the
use of intense pulsed light OPT cutting-edge technology, is the fourth
generation photonic technology, because changed the treatment of
light output mode, which completely changed the face of intense pulsed
light is intense pulsed light in the development of a leap, not only
greatly improve the efficacy and safety is greatly improved.
OPT system stands for energy balance control system, which is
combined with light (IPL) and RF (Radio Frequency) characteristic
advantages to light warm-to guide, to increase the role of deep tissue
by bipolar radiofrequency, the use of skin to light selective energy
absorption by the target tissue and normal skin impedance difference,
the target tissue to enhance the absorption of RF energy at a lower
intensity, the side-effects greatly eliminated by thermal effects may
cause the light filter (blisters / pigmentation / triad), and improved
customer comfort, provides a comprehensive solution for the cosmetic


OPT HAIR REMOVAL is higher effect than the traditional instrument
photorejuvenation, which is the traditional E light beauty equipment
upgraded version of the instrument greatly enhance the effectiveness,
performance, safety, is the most advanced cosmetic skin optics technology.

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