Hair recovery machine

Hair recovery machine

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Product features:
It is painless, no trauma, no consumable materials and simple use and high efficiency.
1. Painless, no trauma, no supplies, high-tech laser treatment of the bald and thinning hair.
2. Equipment location and treatment time can be controlled by a touch button.
3. Small volume, need little space.
4. The modern design, light weight, mobile convenience, and it can be used in the multi-functional treatment room.

Treatment principles:
1. To speed up the scalp blood circulation, improve collagen regeneration, promote metabolism. This device can increase the subcutaneous tissue.
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the main medium of energy transmission between cells,thus promoting metabolism. Therefore laser can help improve blood circulation, oxygen and nutrition to the hair follicle, achieve the effect of hair loss.
2. The stimulation of hair follicles
It can effectively stimulate the hair follicle, 80% hair follicle in a state of hibernation can be stimulated to active status to achieve reduction of hair loss.And reach the effct of the hair regeneration.
3. Control oil production
Excessive oil secretion is also the cause of hair loss, the main reason for the problem of excessive oil secretion is because of the sebaceous glands.

Testicular adit (DHT) would shrink hair follicles, and even atrophy, cause trichomadesis, This laser can dredge sebaceous gland ducts, reduce and control grease secretion and improve hair loss.

4. Promote scalp health, improve hair quality
It can accelerate hair growth when laser irradiate scalp hair follicles, and increase the hair's strength, density and elasticity of the hair,Make your hair pitch-black and shine.

5. Promote the absorption of nutrients
This laser is a patent of cold light source, will not hurt the hair, it is neither chemicals, nor drugs, but its penetrability
is unmatched by any chemical liquid and drugs and it overcomes the weakness of all kinds of chemical which cannot fully penetrate into hair root .

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