E light hair removal&skin rejuvenation system
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E light hair removal&skin rejuvenation system

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Treatment Principle:
1 , rejuvenation principle: the photon energy to penetrate the skin without injury , and is organized in the pigment group and selective absorption of hemoglobin in blood vessels , without damaging the normal tissue cells under the premise that the expansion of blood vessels , pigment agglomerates , pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed , so as to achieve speckle, whitening, redness effect.
2 , hair removal works: photons penetrate the skin, directly to the hair follicle skin deep , destroying hair development center , so as to achieve the role of the skin hair removal .
3 , acne principle: photons penetrate the skin to reach the lesion site , with its light effects and photochemical kill invading bacteria , to achieve its bactericidal acne, remove acne effect.
4 , anti- principle: the role of photons generated in the skin tissue photothermal effect and photochemical role to promote collagen fibers and elastic fibers in newborn and rearrange , restore skin elasticity , eliminate wrinkles , shrink pores . The skin and thus play the role of anti-aging and rejuvenation ; photons can be an effective role in the skin 's sebaceous glands , regulating and inhibiting sebaceous gland function , thereby improving dry, oily skin and other skin .
Therapeutic range :
1 , Rejuvenation : Improve the forehead , face , arms, abdomen, legs and other skin roughness, enhance skin elasticity , delicate white.
2 , hair removal : armpit hair , beard, limbs, hair, hair line , bikini and so affect the appearance of the hair .
3 , freckle : freckles , chloasma , sunburn, age spots, liver spots , dermal spot , birthmark and some pigmentation.
4 , wrinkle removal : eliminate the Sichuan word lines, nasolabial wrinkle, face, forehead , neck, waist, hips, legs and other wrinkles.
5 , Acne : face, shoulders, chest , waist, hips and other parts of bacterial infectious acne.
6 , eradicates acne : Results boil type acne, acne -type acne, allergic acne, acne scars , acne pits, rosacea .
7 , eradicates redness : Congenital redness, peeling redness, red face , erythema , skin allergies and sensitive .
8 , improve skin texture : improve dry skin , oily, aging, texture, color and other comprehensive issues .
Treatment characteristics :
1 , high science : non-surgical , non-ablative , non-invasive , non-invasive high-tech therapy
2 , Safety: selective treatment , not to hurt the normal skin , leaving no scar , no any Aftermath
3 , high accuracy : microcomputer system to pinpoint the treatment of scope, depth , strength and effectiveness
4 , high comfort : cold therapy , light and comfortable, go with the rule , does not affect the life and work
5 , high Health : Photon sterilization, no cross-infection , no special treatment of the environment
6 , high efficacy : International technology, the full trace treatment , clinically proven , significant effect
Seven , applicability height: simple, convenient easy, suitable for mass beauty group

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