champion diode laser hair removal removal

champion diode laser hair removal removal

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King diode laser hair removal

It is the best sold diode laser hair removal among our diode laser hair removals! Due to good performance and effect it is widely recognized by our customers. It is the NO. one!

1500w LASER POWER laser module handpiece


This system uses its unique laser with long pulse-width 808nm to penetrate into hair follicle. Using the theory of selective optical absorption, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair. And then the hair shaft and hair follicle are heated rapidly in order to destroy the oxygen-supply organization of and around the hair follicle. The system's unique super-cooling technology could bring about certain anesthetic effect to the epidermis with the output of the laser. Therefore, it could protect the skin from being hurt. As a result, a very safe and effective treatment is realized.


Hair removal

Technical parameter:

Laser type: semiconductor laser 10bars

Laser wavelength: 808nm

Treatment spot: 12×20mm up to 200 000 000shot

Bars: 10 pcs(2200W)

Pulse width: 0-~400ms(continuous adjustable)

Max Power density: 1~120J/cm2(continuous adjustable)

Pulse frequency: 0.5~10Hz(adjustable)

Cooling way: sealed inner circled water cooling system, treatment head temperature 0~4℃

Power supply: ~220V±22V,50Hz,10A

Weight: 55 kg

External dimensions: 43cm×35cm×115cm (length*width*height)

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