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ENGLISH Texts model is in coming days

In seconds, give a good analysis of hair follicle

An indispensable tool for hair stylist

The strength of different hair & its ability to reverse type is different, people feel it is difficult to accurately determine the thickness of the hair is not very different plastic capacity utilization physics instrument on the hair pull the hair analysis test can accurately the modeling capability, and a scientific.

BQS LASER softening Hair tester, can accurately index the best modeling based on hair testing.

After test Haidresser or Clinic Master : can adapt, shampoo, cosmetics, hair care & medicines for the best results.

>>>>An indispensable tool for hair stylist>>for hair clinic.

High Quality BQS LASER Hair sensor

Accurate index can effectively help plastic clinics in charge to low hair damage, or the excess of hot on client’s hair by their hairdresser.

Straightforward operation, just some seconds for the results and to properly grasp the good cosmetics, treatments and to elect the climazon

and soft perm hair styling techniques.

Li-ion rechargeable battery - So many tests with a charge.

The HAIR METER test will help many students to dramatically reducing training costs with hairdressing academy.

The HAIR METER will help any hair stylist to accumulate experience in short time.

The HAIR METER can limit the hair agression by excess flat iron, Climazon or other salon tool : by giving an instant analysis.

Hair Follicle

One second to grasp and Clinic master or Hair stylist can solve problems of lient’s hair!

Technical Data Guidelines Chart as example.

hair elastic texture can be detected in seconds

60% ** King gentle ripples

70% of large ripple soft ***

80% of corrugated heavy hair****

90% of small straight elastic hair ****

100% small ripple of strength and plasticity *****

ABOVE IS ONE EXAMPLE (unit is delivered with a Chart)

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